To save al-Sarraj and the militias ... What is behind the lies about the UAE, despite its firm stance on Libya?r

بوابة الفجر
Turkey and the Government of National Accord continued to spread lies about the United Arab Emirates regarding the Libyan crisis.

The last lies were what the "BBC" spread about the killing of 26 unarmed students by drone in Tripoli in January 2020 under the allegations that the UAE was behind the accident .

The UAE has deployed drones and other military aircraft to support its Libyan allies, and Egypt allows the UAE to use air bases close to the Libyan border, he BBC added in its allegations. 

The United Arab Emirates denied several times the existence of any military intervention in Libya, confirming its support for the UN peace process.

What is behind lies? 

Turkey is deliberately spreading rumors about the UAE in Libya to cover up its illegal military intervention in Libya in addition to its dumping of Libya through mercenaries and support for militias.

Turkey continues in this policy through statements made by its senior officials and those who support the policies and ambitions of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the region.

Covering up Tripoli demonstrations 

These lies also came out to save Fayez Al-Sarraj and the  Government of National Accord(GNA) in Libya, after the recent demonstrations that demanded their overthrow.

The protesters of the popular movement in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, stressed, on Friday, the continuation of peaceful protest demonstrations until their demands are fulfilled, but at the same time they affirmed their commitment to the curfew, not out of fear, but in the interest of people's lives.

In a statement, the movement accused the GNA of using violence against the protesters to quell the demonstrations with bullets, while the armed militias affiliated with the GNA placed dozens of armed cars in the vicinity of Martyrs Square in the capital, Tripoli, and at all entrances to the main streets leading to the demonstration square.

The demonstrators also considered the announcement by the Minister of Interior of GNA to provide protection for the movement as ink on paper, while the security services are carrying out crackdowns and arrests against protesters in the demonstration squares.

The Government of National Accord's repressive approach against the movement is not a solution, but rather a betrayal of the country, the statement added, stressing that the Libyan youth in the movement constitute the social fabric in their country.

The capital, Tripoli, woke up today, Friday, to the heavy security deployment of armed militias that preceded the upcoming demonstrations and closed all roads and outlets leading to the demonstrations square, while activists continue to mobilize , as they issued calls on social media to urge Libyans to go out massively and ensure a wider participation in the "Friday of Anger" 
Activists seek for today's demonstrations to be the largest and widest since the start of the popular movement last Sunday, as the million people seek to improve public services and address corruption, in addition to the release of the kidnapped persons who were arrested by armed militias during the demonstrations in recent days.

In contrast , the armed militias affiliated with the Government of National Accord and loyal to its president, Fayez al-Sarraj, set up dozens of armed cars in the vicinity of Martyrs Square in the capital, Tripoli, and at all entrances to the main streets leading to the demonstration square. It also transferred large numbers of armed elements to be deployed in the streets and squares, in a plan aimed at preventing the gathering of demonstrators and thwarting the upcoming protests.